Datapipe’s MarTech Journey is one of Bizible’s Top Posts of 2016

by David Vogel on December 30, 2016

bizible-logoAs 2016 ends, Bizible highlighted their “most successful” blog posts of the year. How they measure the success of their blog post gives you good insight into the power of their marketing attribution software (which I like):

So when we do analyses like this, how do we determine success? Since we switched to a (mostly) ABM strategy at the beginning of 2016, our criteria is based on touchpoint engagement with the people that we want to reach — contacts from A, B, and C grade accounts. Essentially, how many target contacts read our blog posts.

Number 10 on their list is their post from April that overviews how we’ve added full-funnel, multi-touch attribution to the Datapipe marketing stack.

Check out the Bizible blog post about Datapipe here.


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