Three Must Reads for Online Strategists

by David Vogel on September 21, 2012

I read about online marketing and entrepreneurship a lot. Like, during breakfast, while stuck in traffic, over lunch, when rocking a baby, and right before closing my eyes.

Over the last few months, these three posts have done more to inspire my online strategy and worldview than anything else I’ve read:

Apple HeadquartersApple Is Going “Containment” Not “Thermonuclear” Against Google In iOS 6
In this prophetic post from June, Silicon Valley tech journalist Danny Sullivan shares insights on Apple and Google’s history of “coopetition” and the growing distance between the two that is playing out right now.

The Role of APIs in the Future of Search
This is an article about SEO, on an SEO blog, but it’s also about the next era of Internet marketing, where your ability to connect, aggregate and leverage outside resources will determine your existence.

Leaked Diatribe From Google Employee on Importance of Platforms
In this epic Google+ post that was accidentally posted publicly, removed, and then re-posted, former employee Steve Yegge dishes on everything that’s wrong with Amazon, and right with Google, except for one item: their platform. The view into each companies’ strategies and disfunctions is amazing.

I hope you enjoy these three as much as I did.

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