Merry Christmas from the Vogels!

2014 – The Year that (almost) didn’t happen…photographically

So, it turns out, I have a photographic memory. In that, if I don’t take a photo, I will not remember. As is my custom, about a week before Christmas, at the peak of the slurry of perfectly photographed, penned and postmarked cards, I sit down and scan through photos to figure out what we did with our year so I can throw together a letter. I plugged in the ol’ Nikon and found two well documented birthdays in January and March, a lovely Easter in April and nothing else of my family for the rest of the year. Short letter, folks!

Fortunately, we do live in the world of iPhones, and scanning these I present 2014 in the Vogel House.



calvin-and-hobbesJanuary was a month of celebrations. We brought Calvin and Hobbes to the New Year’s Day costume party. Notice Hobbes fists in his tight fitting tiger costume, they had not yet turned purple from loss of circulation. Yes, yet. Mother of the Year Award.

Micah turned four in January and we continued a tradition of party themes based on the boys’ favorite books at the moment. Micah’s – Longfellow’s “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere” – I kid you not. Am I bragging? Perhaps. But he might never again be this cool. We hung lanterns, rode stick horses and shot red-cups (in lieu of red coats). Micah gave a recitation – still not kidding, he’s that cool.

In March, Silas celebrated two with a Matthew Van Fleet’s Heads and Tails. No recitations, just cuteness with animal masks and tails for this one.


Spring brought some camping (not pictured) as well as multiple trips to Grandma and Poppers (also not pictured).

This summer, in move that would set Silas’s potty training back for weeks, months, an eternity at this point, we took a nearly two-week road trip in the Great Lake states. We visited with dear friends, spent time at the lake and took in an awesome music festival. We feasted on good conversation, tremendous food, nature’s beauty and divinely-inspired creativity. It was a trip of countless moments when you sit back and think, “this life, it is good.” We just didn’t really take any pictures.

Micah started preschool this fall and loves it! (Yes, please note that the first day of school, of my firstborn child went un-photographed. Sorry boys, short straw on a memory mom.) He’s learning a great deal, most influentially, and contrary to instruction from his peer group, he is learning that girls can be pleasant friends. “You know mom, girls are actually nicer to be friends with.” Thank you little McKensie.

Let’s see…a few more trips to the zoo, Grandparents’ homes, Bass Pro, Branson… and the ER. All turned out well! As did 2014 for us.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed 2015.

Aubrey, David, Micah and Silas

Note, For Christmas, I received some photography classes – and I think I discovered my New Years Resolution – prepare yourselves for next year’s letter!

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