Guest Blog Posting – A New Approach

by David Vogel on January 16, 2014

The Twix approach to blog research and writing: one for me, one for you. (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

I’ve recently taken a new approach to guest blog writing that I wanted to share. The concept is so simple, I’m embarrassed I wasn’t doing it earlier.

It started when I was doing research for an article on the Layered Tech blog about the largest breaches of private healthcare data during 2013. As I dug through mounds of public records, blogs and news releases, I realized I had way more than one-blog-posts-worth of great ideas and information. So, I wrote a second blog post about the weirdest HIPAA breaches I had come across in my research, and optioned it to another great site.

So there you have it; twice the results for nearly the same amount of time invested.

From know on, whenever I go after a new topic, my plan is to find at least two interesting angles that can turn into a post for my property and a guest post for a relevant site.

By the way, the second post is probably the most fun B2B piece I’ve ever written.

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