Strategy vs. Tactics: a Reminder from Motorola’s Global CMO

by David Vogel on July 24, 2012

I recently attended a presentation by Eduardo Conrado, the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Motorola Solutions, to the the Business Marketing Association. Before the presentation started, I unwittingly sat next to Eduardo, and got to discuss everything from where to find the best latin-american cuisine in Chicago, to Google’s recent acquisition of the consumer division of Motorola.

Eduardo Conrado, SVP and CMO of Motorola Solutions

Eduardo Conrado, SVP and CMO of Motorola Solutions

We also talked marketing. I mentioned that I was excited to hear his presentation since I assumed with his background it would include some great insights into the growth of the mobile channel.

“Mobile, marketing automation, CRM… yes, those are all great tools for us marketers…” Eduardo responded, letting the sentence trail off. Minutes into Eduardo’s presentation, I understood why our discussion of the latest marketing tactics had been so brief: Eduardo was there to talk about strategy.

For the next 40 minutes, Eduardo walked us through Motorola Solutions’ journey from their split from the B2C division to their successful re-branding. He showed us how they researched their audience to guide messaging that resonated with both consumers and associates. He told how we as marketers can earn a trusted position in the C-Suite and become true business drivers.

For 40 minutes he shared he shared vital marketing insights, and none of them were about tactics.

If you’re like me, it easy to jump straight from marketing challenge to the fun tactics that can address it, without the due diligence of investigating and defining the true need, audience, market conditions and target outcomes. I walked away from the presentation enlightened and inspired, with a renewed determination to give marketing strategy the time and effort it deserves.

Thanks for the reminder, Eduardo.

PS: For deeper coverage of Mr. Conrado’s presentation and his 5th marketing P (Purpose), check out this great recap by Katy Ryan Schamberger.

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