A Six-Minute Primer on Modern Web Design

by David Vogel on January 9, 2013

If you haven’t yet, you should check out PBS’ web series “OFF BOOK” that explores trending art and communication formats through easy-to-consume 5-7 minute documentaries.

One reason I like the series so much is that they actually got the episode on web design right. I mean, if they can capture the nuances of an ever-changing and often-misunderstood technology like web design, maybe the other episodes (about topics I know less well) are equally accurate.

Check out the video (embedded below) and you’ll be up-to-date on modern web design, including:

  • The survival and evolution of HTML + CSS (including it now being a stable tool for mobile web/app development)
  • The use of visual hierarchical structures to guide viewers through content
  • The importance of usability, and it’s basis in audience research
  • The ubiquity of mobile, and the importance of allowing mobile users to access all content (through responsive design)
  • The ever-lowering barrier of entry for creating and maintaining a website and online audience

Enjoy this video? You should also check out the episodes on our growing online visual culture, the art of movie title design, the indie video game scene, or see the whole series.

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