In each of my career stops, I’ve led the redesign of company websites, turning them from brochure sites to dynamic resources that:

  • attract traffic through SEO and content marketing
  • build instant trust through attractive design
  • increase engagement through intuitive architecture
  • turn visitors to leads through Conversion Rate Optimization

I’ve included before and after views below; please contact me if you’d like to chat about how I can help you transform your online presence.

Year: 2023
Partner: 10up
CMS: WordPress
MAP: Marketo

In 2023 my in-house creative team rebranded WCG, and launched the new brand via an all-new wcglinical.com. The fresh, human-centric visual design was undergirded by insightful user research, which allowed us to make important improvements to the architecture and functionality of website.

My favorite upgrade: Increasing lead generation by dynamically deploying content-relevant CTAs across more than 500 thought leadership webpages.

Year: 2020
Partner: 10up
CMS: WordPress

As WCG grew through acquisition, it took on the technical debt of legacy brands and websites. In 2020 I led the consolidation of six IRB company websites into a new website with streamlined client experience, conversion optimization, and a robust thought leadership library.

My favorite upgrade: Migrating WCG IRB’s thought leadership content from PDFs into long-form content webpages. In addition to making the content a delight to consume on any device, it improved its SEO and findability.

Year: 2017
MAP: Pardot

As a technology company in the increasingly-commoditized managed cloud services space, it was important to modernize and up-level Datapipe’s brand perception through a new website. In addition to the dramatic design and messaging upgrades, we brought thought leadership and proof points to the forefront.

My favorite upgrade: Building credibility by sharing the success stories of Datapipe’s most famous clients through design-intensive case study webpages (example on archive.org).

Year: 2012
Partner: VML
CMS: Sitecore

With rising growth in mobile users, it was crucial to update Pioneer’s website to optimize it across device types and streamline the process for applying for a loan. I managed internal and external resources in developing new website, mobile site, blog, and landing page system.

My favorite upgrade: Increasing conversion by adding a “Begin Application” widget in the hero area.