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  • Sales and Marketing – Navigating a Blurry Line

    Today I ran across an interesting question on the CEB B2B Forum (subscription required), and wanted to share my response. The Question: Looking for a little advice/guidance. Our organization is still fairly new to sales, having recently migrated to a sales & service model. As our company’s sales force matures, so does the level at which Marketing supports…

  • Datapipe Marketing Stack wins Inaugural “Stackies” Award from ChiefMarTech.com

    Scott Brinker, marketing technology celebrity and editor of the essential ChiefMarTec.com blog, announced Datapipe’s Marketing technology stack as the winner of the inaugural “Stackies” contest. Never have marketing stacks received such a spotlight, and it’s an honor to be part of what will hopefully become a long tradition. Here’s what Scott has to say about our entry: This…